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Behind Myself
The man that can't be moved
Luke 10:27
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It is not bad to look for someone you are physically attracted to. But don’t let your search stop there. Be sure that the outer appearance is matched with an inner life that is depended on the Lord for everything.

-Ptr. Saquing

I love the way you look at the world.

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Love God and He will enable you to love others even when they disappoint you.

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So often, we fall in love with the idea of love.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Nakakatuwa ka naman po. GOD FEARING :)

Lahat naman po siguro tayo :)

You’re worth the battle but she can’t keep fighting all day..

Bad things can happen to good people. 

Even if you think that nothing will happen into your life, even if you think that it’s not going happen. God’s message for you is “I’m doing amazing things in your Life, Be still.”